23 April 2014

Playing Jenga on an utterly massive scale [video]

Now that we're all stuffed with chocolate (what a strange holiday), it's back to normal. Well, I say normal... here's a video of a load of giant Cat excavators playing a game of Jenga. So, not really normal at all, then. Still, it looks like great fun. And I have to say, I'm quite impressed with that foreman. I wouldn't want to stand quite so close to so many tons of wood. Wood that is quite likely going to topple at any moment.

16 April 2014

Mercedes-AMG GT photos (well, interior photos)

September is a long way away, but that's when Mercedes-AMG will be revealing the new GT - its Porsche 911 rival. However, they have given us two photos of the interior - which looks utterly superb. It combines the best bits of the outgoing SLS AMG, the new S-Class, and the new C-Class. I almost don't care what the exterior looks like now (though it's reputed to be very stylish). I just want this car.

15 April 2014

A look at the tech on the next Discovery family

We got a taste of what Land Rover's Discovery Vision concept was going to be like with the reveal of that amazing see-through bonnet tech, and now Land Rover has revealed the full concept (next to a scale model of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, as it happens, on the USS Intrepid). Alongside that AR windscreen/bonnet, there's a whole host of other gadgets on this concept. It's like a super-practical Bond car.

Land Rover Has a Vision, Will It Work?

Thanks very much to Pete McAllister for this article on the (really rather awesome) augmented reality tech on the new Discovery Vision concept. Can't wait for it to go into production! -Ed.

The new Land Rover ‘Discovery Vision’ concept has been unveiled to the world and is causing a lot of buzz amongst the motoring community. Until now there has never been any similar car technology announced that is actually viable and ready to be put into action. Due to launch in 2015 the ‘Discovery Vision’ is close enough that drivers can start to get excited and possibly start putting in pre-orders later in the year.

11 April 2014

Lexus' small SUV, the NX, revealed

Pretty much every car company is getting in on the booming compact SUV market (with a few exceptions.... I can't quite see a Rolls-Royce or Ferrari small SUV), and Lexus is the latest company to have a stab at it. Following on from the, erm, 'distinctly' styled LF-NX concept, the Japanese company has revealed the production NX, complete with gaping 'spindle' grille and sharp surface styling.

7 April 2014

McLaren's 650S looks alien in Tarocco Orange [video]

By pretty much all accounts, the McLaren 12C was a rather special car. And in almost no one's book did it require more performance. Thankfully McLaren weren't listening to us, as they have thoroughly revised the 12C to produce the 650S, with more power, firmer suspension, and incredible new styling (looking rather alien and awesome in the above still). The result, it seems, is a car that is - somehow - leagues better than the 12C, according to Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe.

3 April 2014

Land Rover gives us a glimpse of the next Discovery family

Teasers often don't show much about the upcoming car in question. Land Rover have just revealed a teaser for the 'new age of Discovery', and though to some extent it doesn't show much, it does reveal a few details. For instance, the concept retains the stepped roof of the current Disco, though judging by the silhouette, there's a much less utilitarian look overall.

2 April 2014

Don't buy a horse...

You're driving along a winding road. The sun is shining, you've got the roof down, the wind is in your hair (/on your scalp/in your toupee/blowing your favourite hat away). You listen to the roar of the engine, as it hits the redline, and the satisfying blips as you execute a perfect heel and toe downshift. Life couldn't get much better. But then you hear a 'clunk'. Or perhaps a grinding noise. Or perhaps you feel a horrible loss of power. 'Uh oh', you might think at this point. Other, more expressive words may also come to mind.

1 April 2014

BMW sprays g-forces at you through air vents

It always surprises me when car makers launch truly innovative new products on April 1st (which are very obviously genuine and most definitely not fake). Surely they run the risk of some people not believing the technology is real...? BMW has fallen into that trap this year, as they've just unveiled two truly unique, and potentially groundbreaking technologies. Someone should perhaps warn their marketing department about holding off until April 2nd in future.

28 March 2014

Chris Harris gets the F-Type R sideways [video]

The Jaguar F-Type is a very pretty car. Everyone knows this. But the F-Type Coupe is even prettier. It also has, as Chris Harris puts it, a very nice 'bottom'. Indeed, he seems to mention the car's bottom, ass and arse quite often. Which is fair enough, I suppose. It does look rather amazing. In fact the whole car seems really quite amazing. It sounds fantastic, and by all accounts, it handles superbly as well. It's even quite reasonably priced.