1 February 2015

Pierce Brosnan expects more explosions in this Kia ad [video]

Pierce Brosnan is an action-adventure sort of movie star. You know it, I know it, and he, too, apparently knows it. So when a movie executive pitches a story idea to Pierce, featuring the new Kia Sorento, it's a little surprising there are't more snipers, missile launchers and explosions involved...

'What is i3 anyway?' BMW asks [video]

I've driven the BMW i3. It's brilliant. And personally, I think it looks awesome. It is also the future, no matter what anyone says. But the future can be a scary and uncertain thing to some people, a theme BMW has had some fun with with today's excellent Super Bowl ad. Just what is i3 anyway?

16 January 2015

Everything is awesome with this Top Gear trailer [video]

Top Gear and Lego go together like chips and chocolate sauce. That is to say, I never thought they'd go together, but apparently they do. As you may know, Series 22 is right around the corner, and that means trailers. This time though, Everything Is Awesome™, as Top Gear has teamed up with Lego to create an exclusive and totally realistic behind the scenes look at the show.

8 January 2015

Sharp's any-shape displays will soon be found in cars

Analogue dials in cars are soon going to be a thing of the past. Already, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Lamborghini and Tesla have released cars with LCD screens instead of analogue dials, and the trend, if this year's CES show in Vegas is any indication, is only set to continue.

30 December 2014

Giant fire-breathing freight train looks kinda intimidating [video]

Some cars can look quite mean. The Lamborghini Aventador springs to mind here, or perhaps a murdered-out Range Rover Sport. But they've got nothing on giant unstoppable freight trains belching great balls of fire. That's something you don't want to see coming up behind you in the middle of the night, much as this train in Canada did. No sir.

22 December 2014

The new Superb might be a stylish new Skoda

The design of a new Skoda isn't something to get excited about. They make brilliant cars, well-engineered, and high-quality, but 'beige' is normally not a bad way to describe the brand. Partly, that's the VW overlords ensuring the cheaper brand doesn't steal too many sales from themselves. But things might be changing.

19 December 2014

Sponsored Video: Scania develops its own smart watch

Think of smart watches, and a number of companies might come to mind. Pebble, perhaps, or Google with their Wear watches would be obvious choices. If you're a fan of what goes on in Cupertino, then Apple's number might be the first one you think of, despite not being on sale yet. However, there's one company you probably won't think of. Scania.

17 December 2014

Confirmed: Honda NSX to début in Detroit

After three years of waiting, Honda has finally confirmed that the production version of the new NSX will be revealed on January 12th next year. Which is less than four weeks away. They've also revealed a few teaser images of the supercar, and from what we can make out, it's looking pretty good. Much like the concepts, in fact.

15 December 2014

Here's the first trailer for the Top Gear Christmas Special [video]

It's nearing Christmas, and that means one thing. The Top Gear Christmas Special is coming. Which is surprising, actually, since the Christmas Special is usually in March, or April. Any month other than December, in fact. But apparently this year the special is in December, in two parts, starting on the 27th. And it's the Patagonia one. Featuring the Argentina trip. I suspect this will be quite a popular episode.

12 December 2014

Audi's RS 3 packs a 367hp punch

Mercedes was very pleased with the fact that its A45 AMG was the most powerful hot hatch on the market when it was launched, at 360hp. But you know who wasn't pleased? Audi. Their 335bhp RS3 suddenly looked a little underpowered. But now the big wigs in Ingolstadt can breath easy, for an brand new RS3 has just been revealed, based on the latest A3, and its 2.5 litre five cylinder engine now puts out 367hp.