10 May 2012

Holographic model of a Ford B-Max

Holographic tile thing. Imagine something like this, but with a Ford B-Max instead of a building...

Fans of Star Wars may recall those cool portable holographic generators that Jedi tend to carry around with them. You know the ones; they can project a 3D image of a spaceship, or an image of a person. Well, good news everyone! We've now got real-life versions of these. Admittedly, you can't communicate with them, and they're a little larger than a hand-held device, but they do generate a 3D image when a light is shone on them. And Ford are giving away a selection of these 3D holographic models, of the Ford B-Max.

Ford B-Max
There's a video of the concept below. Apparently, they use technology only previously used in the US military, so don't go imagining those cheap little holographic bookmarks you can buy. It's properly cool. If you fancy getting your hands on one, then you can claim one using a Twitter or Facebook account. As I understand it, the more social you are online, the better the chances of getting a model. I can't help thinking about the next stage of this technology though... imagine having an entire wall made up of these holographic sheets. You could turn the view from your room into a 3D view of Mars! Or Coruscant!

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